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KDA™ is the very best example, in my experience, of a live, interactive tool which genuinely focuses on children and young people's social, emotional, intellectual and physical development, derivedfrom quality foster placements.Its success and functionality is the result of its co-production with foster carers themselves. - Christine Davies, CBE and Chief Executive of C4EO

The tool is simple to use by foster carers and children and young people alike, building up a profile of each child's development, successes or challenges, week by week. - Christine Davies, CBE and Chief Executive of C4EO

Children and carers frequently complete the report together. The weekly records go automatically to the key social worker for reading or action, thus reducing the need for additional, bureaucratic separate reporting. The KDA™ system is a 'bespoke' system, with superb functionality. - Christine Davies, CBE and Chief Executive of C4EO

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