The benefits of

KDA™ is a web-based solution which can be hosted locally on customer systems, servers and intranets to aid user familiarity and allow seamless integration for any organisation.

Other benefits include:

Remote Access

KDA™ can be accessed from any remote locality or time zone.

Promotes Change

KDA™ promotes the care giver as the primary agent of change.


KDA™ is a dynamic – capturing, reporting and delivering measures against existing and emerging government agendas and frameworks.

Achievement Profiles

KDA™ provides a holistic picture of everyday developmental experiences of an indivdual, through the trends and patterns collated in the Achievement Profiles™.


KDA™ demonstrates how regular interventions are experienced by the recipient of care.


KDA™ allows the real-time tracking of interventions and is therefore focused on achieving the best outcomes for recipients of care based on accurate information.

The main benefit of KDA™ is that it is child centred and helps focused practice - Supervising Social Worker


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