What is Key Developmental Assets™

Key Developmental Assets (KDA™) is a revolutionary method of recording, reporting and supporting the development of individuals by combining technology with theoretical understanding.

“Advancing human potential through creative development of methods, systems and tools for individuals, families and communities”

How does
KDA™ work?

Historically the caring profession concentrated on solving problems and reducing deficits, with case records reporting mainly negative or chaotic incidents; The KDA™ system utilises 20 Key Developmental Assets™ which enable a more comprehensive and accurate representation of the person in care.

In other words, the 20 KDAs™ focus on nurturing the positive experiences, relationships, opportunities and personal qualities of the individual to improve outcomes and initiate change.

How was
KDA™ developed?

The KDA™ system was originally developed by the Core Assets Group for children and young people in foster care. Since then, KDA™ has become applicable to a wider range of out of home care situations, for all ages and stages of development.

The KDA™ model was created in consultation with children and young people, foster carers, social workers and academics. Informed by in-depth research, the KDA™ system has been fully tested and trialled.

KDA™ is the very best example, in my experience, of a live, interactive tool which genuinely focuses on children and young people's social, emotional, intellectual and physical development, derivedfrom quality foster placements.Its success and functionality is the result of its co-production with foster carers themselves. - Christine Davies, CBE and Chief Executive of C4EO

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